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Barware & home decor

Antique punch bowls and vintage punch bowls remain a perfect way to serve a beautiful cocktail to a large group without stress. You can prepare it well in advance so that you have time to welcome your guests. The Punch Bowl is also often a welcome refreshment at weddings, baby showers and family parties, but also in restaurants and hotels. Wherever and whenever you use the Punch Bowl, it always gives a festive touch.

There are plenty of tasty cocktail recipes online. My favorite is the Bellini with fresh peach or strawberry pulp. Wouldn’t it be perfect to be served a refreshing Cocktail, from one of these Punch Bowls?

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We love to entertain with cool and one of a kind vintage and antique items. We have been avid collectors for decades and specialized ourselves in stylishly presenting the bar cart and table. Here you can find your own unique pieces and wow your guests.

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