about petra boutique finds

How it all started               

Founded in 2019 but once started as a hobby that got out of hand. Because we like to organise big Christmas dinners and cocktail parties at our home, we started looking for unique decorations years ago. This has now grown into a company with a wide range of Vintage Home Decor & Barware

Both on our site and in the showroom, you will find vintage, designer classics and exclusive items for decoration from table to bar. Mainly focused on the Chinoiserie Style, Metropolitan luxury and Hollywood Regency. Specialized in glassware, bar carts and dinnerware. Antiques and design with a focus on the 50s, 60s and 70s.


All items are carefully chosen, and we buy directly from the source itself at auctions and antique markets, mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. I love vintage design and quality but new. No years of accumulated dirt and odors for me. That is why all our products are extensively and thoroughly cleaned. We like to go one step further with furniture such as brass serving trolleys. All parts are professionally polished. This takes a lot of time, but really makes a world of difference. And in this we are unique.

Previous Journey

Petra has worked for 25 years as Sr. Vice President for a listed American fashion designer and producer. The turning point in her life was the loss of her job, which gave her time for family and friends and to travel. After a world trip with the whole family and time for reflection, a new period began. Receiving guests at home and decorating the Dutch ‘Cottage’ became her hobby and has now become a full-time job.

“Actually, it’s not work if you can do what you love, wherever and whenever you want. Moreover, many of our customers are returning. These personal contacts make it even more fun.”

Chris belongs to the 4th generation of master stonemasons from a traditional family business of natural stone. In 1985 received the designation “Court Supplier”.

The turning point in his life was the move to the other side of the country to become a house dad to support his wife’s previous career. Petra’s hobby has also passed on to him and he is now co-owner of Petra Boutique Finds.

“The best part is finding unique, sometimes neglected items, and then bringing them back to life. This quality is no longer made. Especially the re-use of our pre-loved items give me satisfaction because I hope to contribute a bit to a better world